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What if I need report a dispute?

2023-06-13 14:52:47

1. What is Dispute Resolution Policy? 

Kilimall strives to offer a seamless and user-friendly experience across our marketplace. However, disputes between customers and sellers and/or couriers will occasionally occur. This policy provides guidance to customers on how to report issues or complaints and resolve disputes.

2. How can I report an issue or complaint?

  • For general assistance:  Kindly describe the issue or a complaint you may contact Kilimall customer service by APP message or directly click here: 
  • For specific Refund/ Return/ Recharge/ Payment issue/ Report a product/ Suggestions, you can also apply a direct ticket from here

3. What will happen once I raised the complaint? 

Once issue reported, Kilimall shall take the following steps:

  1. Record the following information for purposes of keeping you updated and tracking the issue
    1. Your name and contact details; and
    2. the nature of the issue
    3. And order related information( E.g order no. / payment info)
  2. Process and resolve in 1-3 days and revert to you

4. What if I want further escalation and above method not helpful?