Seller Policy and Guidelines

How to apply for refund( Aftersale)

2023-05-25 09:27:06

Before you choose aftersale, you can also talk to seller for problem settlement. Visit here and refer to the after sale policy

Quick Reply( Q&A ): see here->

. ⭐️How to apply aftersale/ refund? ⭐️

  • App: Kilimall App->Account->Refund/ Aftersale
  • iOS/ Wap: Kilimall site: Kilimall Wap ->Account->Refund/ Aftersale
  • PC: Kilimall PC/->My Account->Complete orders->Aftersale

More details refer to following

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Detailed steps guidance

To check your previous aftersale orders ( before 10th Jan), please refer to Return/ Aftersale-> Processing-> Top