How long does my order arrive? What is GS/ Local/ FBK?

2024-03-06 05:58:18

Dear custermer, 

 if you placed  products from different stores with different logistics types, goods will arrive at different time, you can refer to 3 types of delivery timeline. 

Kilimall Delivery Types

Kilimall currently offers 3 types of delivery mode. (FBK/ Local/ Oversea )

delivery timelines

N.B Please note that due to some holidays, timeline may vary, kindly refer to your SNS/ App notice for real time information. 

Further Concerns: 

1.If I didn't collect order when it arrives, what  suppose to do? 

The delivery time starts from the day you place your order to the day one of our delivery associates makes a first attempt to deliver to you.

 *Only 2 attempts will be done for delivery and the orders will be returned after 7 days if not collected. You can contact us via APP message for resend and the certain shipping fee will be charged.

2. How to check delivery time and track my order?

Please note that delivery timeline may varies depends on New year/ holiday seasons, please refer to the  est. time from the App product page.

 You can also track your order at real time via APP Account> My Order> View Logistics